LICQual Membership allows professionals and learners to become a part of a globally recognised organization to gain knowledge, exchange ideas, contacts and set standards of good practice within the sectors.

The Membership can be attained by having verifiable practical experience in specific sectors or alternatively by holding LICQual qualifications. The level of membership will reflect members’ experience and status in the sector. The Membership level and criteria are as follows:

Affiliate Member

Offering this level of membership is only to encourage students of different programs to become the part of professional organization in a way to provide them opportunities to contact with senior and experienced professionals through this forum to set their academic and professional goals.

    • Interlevel students can become our affiliate members of LICQual
  • Students must have studied in the following four fields

    • Occupational health and safety
    • Risk Management
    • Disaster Management
    • Environmental Management

Associate Member

    • To become an associate member of LICQual, it is necessary for individuals to must provide two years of verifiable experience in the renowned organizations in the specific sectors.
  • Individuals must have one of the mentioned certifications offered by LICQual

    • Level 4 International Certificate in Safety, health and Environment
    • Level 3 Certificate in Disaster Management
    • Level 3 Certificate in Environmental Management

Graduate Member

  • Graduate membership can only be offered to professionals having four years of experience in the sector.
  • Graduate membership can also be obtained by attaining one of the following qualifications offered by LICQual.

    • Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and safety
    • Level 6 Diploma in Risk Management
    • Level 6 Diploma in Disaster Management
    • Level 6 Diploma in Environmental Management

Chartered Member

LICQual recognizes and rewards the achievements and experience of highly professional individuals acquiring tremendous professional skills with Chartered membership.

On achieving this grade, along with a number of benefits, Chartered members can use the designation of “Chartered Member of LICQual “CMLICQual” after their name.

Chartered members having a renowned status of their unique competencies and professional standards sets them apart from the competition by gaining a “Competitive edge” over others, as it is a visible sign to distinguish them in international market opening doors to new opportunities and inspiring their confidence to acquire a competitive position in the industry.

  • Chartered membership may provide you following benefits:

    • Become the part of decision-making team
    • Opportunity to work with world-class professionals
    • Increase your employability

To become a Chartered member of LICQual, Professionals must fulfill the following conditions:    

Route 1

  • Professionals must have five years of professional verifiable experience in the relevant sector,
  • Extracurricular activities in the specific field, like research and development work.


Route 2: In this route professional must attain one of the following professional qualification offered by LICQual.

  • Level 7 Diploma in Environmental Management
  • Level 7 Diploma in Disaster Management


Fellow Member

LICQual appreciates the expertise of highly achievers by offering them Fellow membership. Members acquiring this designation represents that they are aimed at polishing and mastering their skills through “Continual Professional Development” throughout their carrier as a long-term commitment. By this way, LICQual acknowledges the extensive experience of these professionals as a Benchmark for other employees.

Route 1: Experienced based membership to the professionals:

  • 10 years verifiable experience in the relevant sector
  • Extracurricular activities in the specific field


Route 2: Education based membership only to be offered to true professionals attaining the both Level 6 and level 7 diplomas offered by LICQual.

  • Level 6 diploma in Disaster Management
  • Level 7 diploma in Disaster Management


  • Level 6 diploma in Environmental Management
  • Level 7 diploma in Environmental Management

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