Level 6 Diploma in Environmental Management


Course Description

Level-6 Diploma in Environmental Management aims to equip learners about the concepts and definitions used for the Environmental Management, Human environment and Environmental cycle including different factors. Understanding regarding the concept of environment and a proper environmental system. Complete system of environment also by knowing the role of ISO Standards in an Environmental system and Environmental Policy. Learners will be able to understand the importance of a policy and will also be able to develop an Environmental Policy by knowing about the basics of the environmental units of international legislation and compliance measures. Learners will know about the importance of Environmental qualities and also about opportunities of sustainability solutions, about the EMS documentation and EMS Manual.

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Concept of Environmental Management
  • Understand about the Human environment and Ecosystem
  • Understand the Environmental cycle to include different factors
  • Know about the legal importance of Environmental system
  • Understand the concept of Environmental system and Environmental Policy
  • Know about the requirements of an Environmental Policy
  • Understand the concept and importance of Environmental Policy
  • Develop an Environmental Policy
  • Understand the Importance of Law and Regulations related to Environment
  • Understand the concept of importance of environmental system in law
  • Understand about the International Environment Policy
  • Understand the importance of Environmental legislation
  • Understand the importance of Environmental Management system
  • Understand about analyzing, interpreting information to support environmental management systems
  • Understand the Environmental aspects and impacts
  • Understand about the environmental management systems under ISO 14001
  • Understand about the Environmental objectives and Environmental performance improvement


The Level-6 Diploma in Environmental Management consists of 11 Mandatory units making a combined total of 60 credits, 600 hours Total Qualification Time (TQT) and 250 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for the completed qualification

Mandatory Units Credit GLH TQT
Unit 1. Environmental Sustainability and Principles 5 20 50
Unit 2. Global Environmental Issues 7 30 70
Unit 3. Environmental Policy 4 20 40
Unit 4. Environmental Policy issues 8 30 80
Unit 5. Environmental Law 4 20 40
Unit 6. The key environmental Units of International legislation and compliance measures 6 25 60
Unit 7. The Environmental Management system and sustainability development in a business context 5 20 50
Unit 8. The collection, analysis and reporting on environmental information and data 5 20 50
Unit 9. Environmental Management and assessment tools 6 25 60
Unit 10. Analysis, problems and opportunities to deliver sustainability solution 5 20 50
Unit 11. The development and implementation of programmes to deliver environmental performances, improvement 5 20 50


TQT: Represents the number of notional hours expected as required to complete a qualification.
GLH: Represents the number of hours a trainer is available to teach and supervise the learner working on a qualification.
Credit: Represents the number of credits which may be awarded to a learner to successfully complete the qualification.

* One credit is equal to the 10 hours of TQT.

Assessment Criteria:

The qualification assessment criteria is assignment based, but to achieve a pass, the learner must fulfill all the learning requirements of each unit, and at the end of every unit an interview will be conducted as an evidence to ensure that the work truly belongs to the learner.

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