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About LICQual


LICQual UK Ltd. is an  international awarding body based in United Kingdom, providing premier standards of quality services in international education, trainings and skills with globally recognized international qualifications.

Our high quality and international education programmes help students to unlock their learning potential so that they can choose the best suitable career option for them.

We deliver our qualifications globally by approved training providers across the globe. Most demanding qualifications are:

  • Environmental Management; 
  • Occupational Health and Safety; 
  • Operational Risk Management; 
  • Disaster Management; 
  • Endorsed Qualification (Industry Specific) 


We always develop and deliver best and most demanded qualifications in line with the global demand and need of the time. These qualifications enable new learners and professionals to enhance their capabilities and skills to acquire a leading role in the national and multinational organizations.

Our objectives include: 

  • Delivering quality education in modern and customized learning style with blended mode of study to improve learner’s accessibility and time flexibility. 
  • To develop and deliver qualifications that accommodate the learners for education and training for now and in future 
  • To provide British Standard Qualifications globally through approved training center in different regions of the globe 
  • To equip youngsters and professionals with quality education which could enable them to secure a sound position in globally competitive environment 
  • To maintain the alignment of the LICQual with international qualifications frameworks 
  • To promote equality and diversity 


  • A flexible route to acquire an international diploma in the dynamic world with open book digital assessments. 
  • Improve competency of individuals enhancing their job specific knowledge, ability, training and skills. 
  • Makes individuals enable to grab the opportunity of being enrolled in vocational qualifications without any perquisite demand of formal education; 
  • Along with other benefits, it will improve the likelihood of employability and job transferability. 


Our vision is to be recognized as a benchmark in quality education and trainings, we promise, provide and maintain all over the globe in all our wide range programs.


Our Mission is to offer globally recognized international qualifications worthwhile for learners, professionals and higher educational institutes, which helps them to advance their career options and job productivity.


LICQual UK Ltd. is promised to prepare competent individuals: equipped with enough knowledge about the subject, ability to perform the job in dynamic environment, trained enough to fulfill his responsibilities and accountabilities, and skillful to perform the job according to the requirement of the modern world with latest technologies.

Our success is based on team like examiners, moderators, assessors and verifiers, business development consultants, overseas representatives they played a crucial role to ensure and maintain quality our qualifications, they always work best to maintain and improve our ranking in delivering quality education in diversified way. Become the part of the LICQual team you can get the opportunities for professional development and a handsome income. Please Feel free to contact:


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